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  Preparing for the Exam考前准备
  1.Seeking outside support.
  ➤Vent about your exam stress to others.
  ➤Consider professional counseling.
  2.Pack everything you need the night before.
  ➤Make a list of exam necessities.
  ➤Prepare a bag with all the essentials.
  3.Get enough sleep.
  ➤Commit to getting a full 8 hours of sleep or more during the night.
  ➤If you have trouble sleeping,try making your bedroom pitch black,wearing earplugs,drinking warm milk before going to bed and so on.
  4.Eat healthy food.
  ➤Avoid high-fat,high-sugar,and high-caffeine food.
  ➤Instead,go for plenty of fruits and vegetables,whole grains,and lean proteins like fish.
  Beating Stress During the Exam考中抗压
  5.Arrive early.早点到考场。
  ➤Do everything you can to show up on time or early for the exam.That way,you can sit down and relax for a few minutes before starting.You'll be able to gather your thoughts and focus on positive thinking.
  6.Keep positive self-talk.
  ➤Throughout the test,you should keep focusing on positive thoughts.Tell yourself,"I've studied,I'm prepared."This will help keep your anxiety at bay because you'll know that it's within your power to do well on the exam.
  ➤Once negative thoughts such as“I'm not good at this subject.It will get screwed up!”or"If I fail this test,my life is over.”appear in your mind,analyze your illogical fears and replace them with positive ones like“As long as I do it at my normal level,there’s no problem and no regret.”or"A failed exam absolutely doesn't mean I will fail my life.There’re many other options.I can even re-take the exam.”
  7.Strive to relax when you feel tense.
  ➤When you tense up during the exam,do the following things to loosen up:take a few deep breaths.Stretch.Close your eyes for a few seconds.Stopping and taking a few moments to relax can help you ease anxiety gradually.
  8.Start with the easiest questions.
  ➤Scan the exam before you start and look for your strong areas.Tackle these questions first.
  ➤If you get stuck on a difficult question,skip it and return to it at the end if you have time.
  Dealing with Post-Exam Stress考后释压
  9.Don’t think about it.
  ➤Keep in mind that once the exam is over,you can't go back and change anything about how it went.So,don't worry about it and just let it go.
  ➤Avoid asking your classmates what they put for certain questions if that will just stress you out and keep yourself away from such discussions.
  10.Take time off and treat yourself.
  ➤Clear your mind from thinking about the exam by doing something you enjoy;try to pick an activity that you typically get lost in.Exams are very stressful but you made it through.So,treat yourself with anything that makes you happy for a few moments and then start preparing for your next exam!


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